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Voice of Freedom


Voice of Freedom works with women who have escaped trafficking and torture, bringing the voice of the enslaved to a wide public for the first time. The project enables the women to document their lives, feelings and experiences through the camera lens, and supports them as they create texts in their own words to accompany the images.

We work within the discipline of participatory photography - a recognised tool for advocacy and social activism. Participants are supported as they create their own photographic work - a facilitator works with the group, teaching them to use a camera so they can define, communicate and improve their situation.

Voice of Freedom

Photo: Desta Getaneh, courtesy of Voice of Freedom

The work produced through the project makes the emotional impact of modern-day slavery real and immediate by depicting it in the words and images of those who have lived it. The photographs and accompanying texts produced by the women are an accessible resource that appeals to the humanity and emotional experience of a diverse audience, and inspires them to contribute to the fight against modern-day slavery. Work by women on our project has been shown widely, to support international anti-trafficking campaigns. Examples include: