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Masbate Mural, Plan UK.jpg

Learn Without Fear

This mural was created by Plan International in 2010 with the help of children from the local community as part of the organisation's Learn Without Fear campaign. The campaign works to end violence in schools and ensure that children can attend school. The mural is situated on a wall near the main port on the Masbate Island in the Philippines, ensuring that visitors to the island see the mural as the disembark boats and ferries. The piece protests against human trafficking and shows scenes of children being taken away from their families in exchange for money. These children are trafficked into slavery, with images of young girls in little clothing to highlight sexual exploitation and young boys carrying sacks over their shoulders to symbolise forced labour.With this mural, Plan International tried to discourage people from sending their children to work or selling them to traffickers. Instead the organisation encourages people to send children to school and stresses that education is crucial to escaping poverty.

18+ Ending Child Marriages in Southern Africa.png

18+: Ending Child Marriages

This mural was created as part of Plan International's campaign '18+: Ending Child Marriage in Southern Africa' to raise awareness of the negative aspects of child and forced marriages. A ‘Pinkification’ campaign occurred in Maputo, Maxixe and Inhambane whereby pink billboards, buses and murals appeared throughout the cities. Children were invited to take part in the mural and paint the message 'I want to decide my own future; say no to child marriage'.With this campaign, Plan International aimed to empower girls and challenge gender norms and practices that drive child/forced marriage. The project included workshops with communities to promote education and training sessions for government representatives, schools, etc. on sexual and reproductive health rights. Plan International, which works to protect the rights of children, launched this campaign to fight for girls’ rights and gender equality. It is a youth-led, global movement that supports girls to take the lead and influence decisions that matter to them. The charity works on forced and child marriage throughout the world.