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Banksy Slave Labour.jpg

Slave Labour

This Bansky piece was placed on the side of a Poundland store in Wood Green, London in May 2012. It was created by the infamous artist in protest against the use of sweatshops to create Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics memorabilia in 2012. It features a child crouching on the ground, sewing together bunting with the Union Jack. It has become an iconic image of child labour and child slavery.The mural remained on the wall until February 2013, when it was removed and put up for sale at the Fine Art Auctions in Miami. However, after appeals from residents of Wood Green, the mural was withdrawn the Miami auction and returned to the UK. It was subsequently sold at auction in Convent Garden, London for $1.2million. After the mural was removed, a stencil of Banksy's supposed signature rat holding a sign asking 'why?' was placed on the wall, which was then quickly removed. A Banksy representative stated that this was a fake.