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  • Artist contains "ARTE and Pan American International High School"
Pan Am Students, We are all Immigrants 2015.jpg

We Are All Immigrants

Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) is an organisation that use art, design and technology to encourage young people to develop creative solutions and bring awareness to local and global human rights challenges. They are dedicated to finding the next generation of social justice leaders and is committed to providing quality human rights education.In New York, ARTE worked with students from Pan American International High School to create this mural. They discussed several human rights issues, including human trafficking and child slavery.ARTE then worked with the students using different artistic mediums to help them express their ideas. While this mural focuses on immigrants' rights and racial discrimination, it links to contemporary slavery as many undocumented immigrants are survivors of trafficking.On June 10th the students unveiled their mural to fellow students, family members, school administrators, volunteers and community members.