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The Dark Figure


Photo: Farrier Road, Perivale, Ealing, London, Courtesy of The Dark Figure

Slavery is not an issue confined to history, or an issue that exists only in certain countries. It is a global problem that is still happening today, and the UK is no exception. 

In 2017, there were 5,145 recorded victims of modern slavery in the UK. This number counts only for those that were encountered, who then testified. This, coupled with slavery’s hidden nature means that actual numbers are far higher. *Scientific Adviser for the Home Office Prof. Bernard Silverman, estimated there to be 13,000 slaves in the UK today. This estimation is referred to as The Dark Figure*

The Dark Figure* is an ongoing photographic project that documents neighbourhoods where victims have been identified as modern-day
slaves. Each photograph presents a neighbourhood affected by modern day slavery, and is coupled with details about the discovery of the victim, and the trial that followed. 

The project has been made using medium-format film, by documentary photographer Amy Romer, who has also written the accompanying stories. The Dark Figure* has been self-published as a newspaper photo-exhibition, and is soon to be published as a photobook by Another Place Press. Please see for more details.