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 Photo: Smoking, courtesy of PAG-ASA

PAG-ASA have been assisting victims of human trafficking and cooperating in the fight against exploitation since 1994. Their goal is to offer each victim they assist a tailored and complete support, in order to help them move beyond exploitation and become an empowered individual able to take back control over their live. At PAG-ASA they work with the victims: they have the leading role in their present and future.

Their shelter is a safe place where victims can rest and start planning their future. Here, they can recover from their difficult past and get back on their feet, whilst taking the first steps toward their new life.

Their psychosocial unit works with victims who feel strong and autonomous enough to live by their own. Social workers help them with every challenging aspect of their daily life and to develop a realistic plan of reintegration, in Belgium or in their country of origin.

Their legal unit supports them all along the procedure to legally obtain the status of human trafficking victim, including temporary residence and work permits. Legal workers assist the victim obtaining justice and eventually compensation for the suffered damages.

PAG-ASA takes also active part in the fight against human trafficking. They cooperate with the competent public authorities on the field and at the political level, and they work to raise awareness, spread information and provide training and counseling.