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Voices for Change - Robin Brierley

Voices for Change speaks to Robin Brierley, who is an independent consultant who works for a number of organisations in the UK.

Date of Recording: 23rd of April 2019

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Voices for Change - Doreen Boyd

Voices for Change speaks to Doreen Boyd, who is one of the Associate Directors in the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham, where she oversees the Data Programme.

Date of Recording: 16th of March 2019

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Voices for Change - Kevin Bales

Voices for Change speaks to Kevin Bales who is the Rights Lab Research Director, and Professor of Contemporary Slavery. He is on the Board of Directors for Freedom Fund and is a member of the Global Slavery Index Expert Working Group.

Date of recording: Friday 29th of March 2019

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Voices for Change - Katarina Schwarz

Voices for Change speaks to Katarina Schwarz leads, who the Rights Lab's work on antislavery legislation as part of its Governance Programme.

Date Recorded: 8th of March 2019

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Voices for Change - Helen McCabe

Voices for Change speaks to Helen McCabe, who is an Assistant Professor in political theory in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham.

Date of recording: 8th of March 2019

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Voices for Change - Leila Segal

Voices for Change speaks to Leila Segal, the director of Voice of Freedom.

Date of Recording: 5th of March 2019

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Voices for Change - Bethany Jackson

Voices for Change speaks to Bethany Jackson, who is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham in the Geography Department. Her thesis and work with the Rights Lab focuses on the usage of remote sensing in industries that utilise modern slavery.

Date of recording: 8th of March 2019

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Voices for Change - Annie Kelly

Voices for Change interviews Annie Kelly, who is a reporter and editor at the Guardian, where she leads their modern slavery reporting.

Date of recording: 27th of February 2019

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Voices for Change - Patricia Carrier

Voices for Change interviews Patricia Carrier, who is the Project Manager of the Modern Slavery Registry at Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.

Date of recording: 5th of February 2019

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Voices for Change - International Justice Mission

Voices for Change interviews three members of the International Justice Mission: David Westlake, the CEO of IJM in the UK; Steve Webster, the Chief Operating Officer; and Paul Newton, who is an international advocate for IJM.

Date of Recording: 12th November 2018

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Voices for Change - Todd Landman

Voices for Change interviews Todd Landman who is the Executive Director of The Rights Lab, a Professor of Political Science, and the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham

Date of recording: 14th of December 2018

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Voices for Change - Shayne Tyler

Voices for Freedom interviews Shayne Tyler, who is the Operations Executive at Manor Fresh Limited, and has campaigned tirelessly against modern slavery since discovering it within his organisation in the year 2000.

Date of recording: 18th of October 2018

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Voices for Change - Zoe Trodd

Voices for Freedom interviews Zoe Trodd, who is the Director of the Rights Lab which is the Unviersity of Nottingham Beacon of Excellence that focuses on research to end slavery by 2030.

Date of recording: 14th December 2018

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Voices for Change - Kieran Guilbert

Voices for Freedom interviews Kieran Guilbert, journalist at the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where he is the Slavery and Trafficking Editor.

Date of recording: 9th January 2019

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Voices for Change - Paddy Tipping

Voices for Freedom interviews Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping as part of the Anti-Slavery Day events put on by the Rights Lab at the Nottingham Council House.

Date of recording: 18th of October 2018

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Voices for Change - Alison Gardner

Voices for Freedom interviews Alison Gardner, leader of Slavery Free Communities at the University of Nottingham's Rights Lab.

Date of recording: 14th December 2018

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Voices for Change - Alex Norris MP

Voices for Freedom interviews Alex Norris MP as part of the Anti-Slavery Day events put on by the Rights Lab at the Nottingham Council House.

Date of recording: 18th of October 2018


Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London

Nigel: They fed me, that was it. That was the only thing they did do, you know what I mean? They said the money would be there at the weekend. I went, ‘Make sure my money’s there, you know what I mean?’ I said, ‘I just want my money. I work hard, I just want my money, that’s all I want.’ Come Friday, I fronted them, they surrounded me – ‘Just get back in your caravan.’ They threatened me. They said, ‘Go back in your caravan or we’ll dust you up,’ they said. It was a bit terrifying, wasn’t it, you know what I mean? I mean you don’t want to beat twenty people. They’re nasty people, they’re just nasty people.Men from 18 to 60 have been targeted from this area and are largely exploited in the block paving and tarmacking industry as well as areas such as agriculture, food processing and factory work.Transcript: Street Slaves, File on 4, BBC Radio 4.The Dark Figure* is an ongoing photographic project that investigates and documents UK neighbourhoods where victims have been identified as modern-day slaves.Photo: Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, courtesy of The Dark Figure


Walker Street, Rawmarsh, Rotherham

February 2016 A gang of three brothers, their uncle and two women were found guilty of 55 serious offences, some of which lay undetected for almost 20 years. 15 vulnerable girls, one as young as 11, were subjected to acts of sexual violence between 1987 and 2003 including rape, forced prostitution, indecent assault and false imprisonment.  Karen MacGregor was sentenced to 13 years for conspiracy to procure a child for prostitution, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to rape. MacGregor was a high-profile campaigner on behalf of abused children. In 2013, she founded KinKids, a community support group for kinship carers. MacGregor boasted that KinKids had helped families affected by the scandal. She had persuaded Rotherham council, local Labour MP John Healey and other local organisations to support KinKids in the wake of heightened investigation into cases of child abuse in Rotherham.  MacGregor had been luring vulnerable girls to her home in Walker Street, which was described by one of the victims as akin to the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. There, she would groom them before pimping them out in order for them to earn their keep. One of her victims described how MacGregor was a motherly figure who had taken her under her wing at a difficult time in her life and treated her like a daughter. Another victim described how within days of arriving, MacGregor had plied her with vodka to the point of unconsciousness before waking up to find herself being sexually assaulted.  New investigation: The conduct of more than 50 officers from South Yorkshire Police who had dealt with the victims across the 20 year period is now under investigation.The Dark Figure* is an ongoing photographic project that investigates and documents UK neighbourhoods where victims have been identified as modern-day slaves. Photo: Walker Street, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, courtesy of The Dark Figure


Longworth Street, Preston

July 2015 A tweet on the Preston Police Twitter page raised concern about some young women living at an address in Longworth Street, which was suspected to be a brothel. Further enquiries led to a police raid at the address, where two young women were found and were thought to have been brought to the UK from Romania and forced into sexual exploitation.   Marius Petre, Adrian Matei and Ionut Ion were arrested at the address. The victims, both aged 18, had only been in the UK for two weeks before they were found. They were transported to the UK from Romania by Petre and Matei with the promise of work as maids at a hotel. Instead, they were taken to Longworth Street where they were told they would be working as prostitutes. The girls were forced to perform sexual acts on customers and were told that both they and their families would be beaten if they refused to comply, or tried to run away. They were also subjected to rape by Petre, Matei and Ionut, who were already at the house when the women arrived. In February 2016, Marius Petre and Adrian Matei were found guilty of intentionally arranging or facilitating entry to the UK of a person with a view to their sexual exploitation, causing or inciting prostitution for financial gain and of four counts of rape. They were both sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.  Ionut Ion was found guilty of keeping or managing a brothel used for prostitution and of two counts of rape. He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.The Dark Figure* is an ongoing photographic project that investigates and documents UK neighbourhoods where victims have been identified as modern-day slaves. Photo: Longworth Street, Preston, courtesy of The Dark Figure