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Blooming Walls Tanzania 2016.jpg

#WallsCANBloom Tanzania

This piece was part of a series of murals created in 9 countries across Africa. The #WallsCANBloom campaign was launched by the Government of Canada in 2016, whereby the government committed $80 million to ending early and forced marriage in Africa.The murals were created on or around 16th June 2016, which is the International Day of the African Child. Local artists, activists, NGOs, schools and communities were involved in the design and execution of the murals. The pieces were displayed on the buildings of Canadian embassies and High Commissions and unveilings of the murals were accompanied by speeches and events. The campaign had a strong presence on Twitter with #WallsCANBloom.This specifc mural was created on the Kizinga Primary School in Mbagala, Tanzania by the students and local community. It promotes the importance of education, showing girls in graduation cap and gown on the right, having received their education and moving onto employment.