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TY Students Child Soldiers 2012.jpg

Child Soldiers

This mural was created by students in their Transition Year at Presentation College in Bray and condemns the use of child soldiers. The piece is quite graphic, with the centre featuring an image of a dead child lying on the ground with a large wound on his chest. The words 'our greed', 'brainwashed', 'disposable', 'accountable', 'scars' and 'lonely' cover the mural, and there are reminders of the deadly situation these children are in with the presence of skulls and bones. The students also created 'Child Slavery Mural', which raises awareness of the exploitation of children.

TY Students, 2012.jpg

Child Slavery

After learning about forced child labour and contemporary slavery, 20 students in their Transition Year at Bray College decided to create a mural to raise awareness of this phenomenon. The students were helped by the CSPE & Religion teacher Elaine Brennan and art teacher Clifton Rooney at Presentation College. This mural highlights the different types of slavery, including contract slavery, bondage labour, debt bondage and chattel slavery. On the far right, a hand holds a crumpled contract to symbolise a worker being deceived into slavery through the use of a false employment contract. To the left of this is the silhouette of a hooded figure holding a whip to emphasise the violence and coercion that is inherent in slavery. The mural toured Ireland's schools to teach others about contemporary slavery and raise awareness of this phenomenon. The students also wrote blog posts about their experience in creating this mural, which can be read here.The students also created 'Child Soldiersl', which raises awareness of the use of child soldiers around the world.