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  • Artist contains "Lynne Barletta and Students of Visionary School of Arts"
Catch the Wave of Hope 2018.jpg

Catch the Wave of Hope

This 250 foot mural was completed as part of a fundraising project for the organisation Catch the Wave of Hope. Lynne Barletta, who founded the organisation, believes art is an important way to raise awareness of human trafficking. Each fish, reptile and mammal in the mural was sponsored and raised money for the organisation to set up a local transition home for trafficked children. The wave of the mural represents inspiration to survivors of human trafficking and stresses that they can catch the wave of hope. Barletta founded this organisation after she helped with a project in Singapore where she met a survivor of human trafficking, and decided to set up her own organisation to fight the phenomenon in the US. The organisation trains businesses, schools and other organisations on human trafficking and modern slavery, educating them on the signs of modern slavery and on how to ensure they do not contribute to its persistence.