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Imagining Freedom

This is the first comprehensive collection of murals focused on modern slavery and human trafficking. Funded as part of the AHRC Antislavery Usable Past grant, it brings together anti-slavery murals from across the world and demonstrates the emergence of an anti-slavery mural movement from the early 2000s to today. The collection depicts modern slavery in general, alongside more specific types, including forced sexual exploitation and forced labour. It demonstrates the power of art to build community activism and imagine freedom.

Creator: Charlotte James
Project Director: Professor Zoe Trodd

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Antislavery Photography

Visual culture has been historically central to the abolitionist movement, and photography has breathed new life into forms of visual protest. From documentary photography that attempts to capture the horrific reality of modern slavery, to survivor-generated images that capture everyday efforts to survive, contemporary photography adopts numerous lenses in order to challenge stereotypes and raise awareness against modern day slavery. This collection gathers some of the most impactful images and collections in the contemporary anti-slavery moment.