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Our research is helping to end contemporary global slavery in our lifetime. There are 40 million people enslaved around the world today. But we are at a tipping point: there is a global political commitment to ending slavery by 2030.

Home to the world’s leading modern slavery experts, we are delivering the world’s first large-scale research agenda for ending slavery.

Our challenge-led approach fuses cutting-edge research with real world application. We work with governments and NGOs to achieve a Freedom Dividend: the global benefits of ending slavery for economies, rights, health, peace and the environment.

We are discovering slavery’s full nature and extent, explaining its causes and consequences, designing research-led interventions that pilot innovative new approaches to combating slavery, and evaluating antislavery efforts. Our work is survivor-engaged, shaped by people who have lived through slavery, and adopts a ‘rigorous morality’ approach that fuses cutting-edge research with advocacy.

Our transdisciplinary research fuses methods, tools, and techniques across disciplinary boundaries. This means we can map slavery from space with the world’s first Geospatial Slavery Observatory; redesign supply chains to help businesses ensure they aren’t using slave labour; and pioneer a unique programme of therapeutic care for people coming out of enslavement; among many other projects.

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